sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

Tristan - Zorro do Lugar do Poço

We left him inside a box in Lisbon airport, when he was three months old. He looked so tiny and helpless inside that big plant filled with pallets and caterpillars! Our chests became crushed when he looked at us with those two scared eyes inside that box!
The gentleman who arranged his transport told us that he would be fine, even at Milan, where he would change from one plane to another, a vet would check on him before the transfer, but even so we only rested after 12 hours when Nick phoned, telling us that everything was all right.

Even so, after some days, he became hill. Nick and his wife took care of him, always telling us how he was doing.

Now he’s grown. He’s healthy, good friend and very good looking!

Thank you for all the pictures, the information, the talks…all that you have shared.
It’s wonderful to know that Tristan became such a good partner to you as Aron and Queen are to us.
We wish all of you a wonderful life with Tristan by you side.
Carpe diem!

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